Water Damage Clean Up & Restoration Anacortes

Water damage can happen anytime, leaving noticeable and unseen issues with various building materials. If you have had a significant spill, burst pipe, hidden water leaks, or storm damage resulting in a leaking roof, you need professionals to handle the cleanup. Drive Construction and Remodeling is available for professional water damage cleanup and restoration in Anacortes services in your area.

Don’t Let Water Damage Fester

A common mistake property owners make is waiting too long before calling professionals to take care of the damage. The longer water damage and moisture fester within your home or business, the more the problems compound. Any porous materials will start to swell and warp from taking on moisture, and various items begin breaking down. Within a short time, mold and mildew start to colonize, which then makes it a possible hazard to be around.

Drive Construction and Remodeling has the contractors and trusted tradesmen you need to bring your property back to pre-water loss condition. We can handle the removal of damaged materials and begin carefully restoring each area to look as good as new. Our team understands all potential hazards, and we always dress in personal protective gear to ensure safety.

No Project Is Too Small

You may think that an overflowing tub that sends water throughout the bathroom is a small enough project to handle on your own. However, without the right tools and training, the chances are high that you will miss areas where moisture is lurking and causing what is known as secondary damage. Drive Construction and Remodeling is here for any size water damage project to give you the peace of mind everything is handled safely and efficiently.

When you need trusted technicians to handle your water damage cleanup and restoration in Anacortes needs, think of Drive Construction and Remodeling. Call us for a consultation and free estimate at (425) 539-3307.