Restoration Renovation Services Bellevue

Any number of incidents could leave your house in imperfect condition. You may have encountered storm damage to your roof that brought on a leak that caused water damage to your ceiling and structural elements. If you have had a fire, this calls for detailed restoration work to bring everything back to pre-loss condition. Drive Construction and Remodeling is here with all the restoration renovation services in Bellevue you need to ensure things get back to normal within your home or business.

Water Damage

Many homeowners are unaware of how far-reaching water damage might be after a leak or significant water spill. Water migrates quickly, leading to hidden moisture pockets that can wreak havoc in tight spaces unnoticed by an untrained eye. Should you develop water damage in hidden areas behind walls, under baseboards, and within your cabinetry, you need a trusted contractor to come in and restore everything. Drive Construction and Remodeling has experienced restoration professionals that understand the nature of water damage and how to remedy it.

Fire Damage

Safety is always a concern if you have a fire in your home or business. Once the building is deemed safe, and the fire is fully extinguished, you need restoration and renovation professionals to begin picking up the pieces. Drive Construction and Remodeling is here to replace your charred and unsalvageable building materials, structural elements, and everything else necessary to bring your interior back to its pre-fire state.

Mold Damage

There are many situations where mold may fester within a property to the point that it seriously degrades building materials. With excessive moisture and a rise in temperatures, mold breaks down your building’s drywall, fiberboard, and other organic materials. Professional restoration and renovation contractors know how to carefully remove and replace these materials to make your home or business like new again.

Restoration renovation services in Bellevue with Drive Construction and Remodeling ensure you get the results you are looking for. Call us at (206) 203-2580 to set up a time for a consultation so we can begin your project.