Quartz Vs. Granite Countertops For Kitchen Remodeling

Quartz Vs. Granite Countertops For Kitchen Remodeling

Quartz and granite are two popular materials for home countertops and a good reason. Both are durable and resistant to stains and scratches, making them a practical choice for busy kitchens. Still, homeowners should consider some key differences between the two materials when deciding which one is right for their home. Before you call Drive Construction & Remodeling for quartz & granite countertop installation in Brier, continue reading to learn which material is best for your project.

Differences Between Quartz and Granite

One of the main differences between quartz and granite is the way they are made. Granite is a natural, quarried stone that is cut into slabs. It is then polished and sealed to protect it from stains and water damage.

On the other hand, quartz is an engineered stone made from a mixture of ground quartz and resin. This makes it more consistent in color and pattern, but it also means that it is not as heat-resistant as granite.

Regarding maintenance, quartz is generally considered easier to care for than granite. It does not require sealing, as the resin in the material makes it resistant to stains and water, while granite does need to be sealed regularly to protect it from stains and water damage.

In terms of design, both quartz and granite offer a wide range of color and pattern options. Granite, being a natural stone, offers more unique and one-of-a-kind looks, but quartz can be made in various patterns and colors to suit any design style.

One of the biggest pros of quartz is its price. It is generally cheaper than granite, making it a more budget-friendly option for homeowners. However, granite can add value to a home and is considered a premium material, so it may be worth the investment if you want to increase the future sale price of your home.

Working With a Professional Team

No matter which material you choose, it is important to work with a professional installation team to ensure that your new countertops are properly installed and will last for years to come. If you are considering quartz & granite countertop installation in Brier, be sure to contact Drive Construction & Remodeling at (206) 203-2580 to discuss your options.

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