Mold Remediation & Restoration Woodway

Many properties have mold infestations without even realizing it. People do not realize that mold spores are all around us, including the air we breathe inside and outside our homes. It is essential if you suspect you have mold damage to have it cleaned up and repaired by trusted contractors. Drive Construction and Remodeling is here for professional mold remediation and restoration in Woodway to get the results you are looking for.

What To Know About Mold

Because mold is everywhere in the environment around us, we know that total mold removal is impossible. However, with proper cleaning and remediation, you can restore your interior to safe levels and not worry about exposure for your family and pets in the home or employees and customers in your business. Drive Construction and Remodeling is here with trusted contractors to clean up and restore all mold damage when you need it.

There are several processes involved with mold remediation, which include the following:

  1. Inspection
  2. Containment
  3. Air Purification/Filtration
  4. Mold Cleanup
  5. Sanitizing and deodorizing

When Is Mold Restoration Necessary?

Cleanup and restoration are necessary whenever you find mold patches and damaged building materials within your home or commercial space. Due to the potential health hazards and secondary damage to building materials, cleanup and restoration should occur as soon as possible to protect people and your investment.

Even if you are pretty handy around your home, attempting to spray and wipe mold colonies or remove building materials on your own can be dangerous. Our experienced contractors understand all the safety measures necessary for proper mold remediation and restoration to bring your interior back to pre-mold infestation condition. We will ensure all materials get replaced and finishing touches are added so there is no trace of the event that initially occurred.

Do you require assistance with mold remediation and restoration in Woodway? Call Drive Construction and Remodeling at (206) 203-2580 for more information on how our contractors can help.