How much will my restoration or remodel cost?

One of the most frustrating aspects of looking for a contractor online, or trying to get a basic idea of price is the lack of information. The truth is that this is done on purpose. Too many businesses are worried that giving away too much information will cause them to lose customers. It will somehow take away their competitive edge and make the consumer over educated.

We disagree with this philosophy. There are two facts that lead us to a different point of view. You the consumer are going to do the research either way, and why frustrate you to get it; and we do not have a better or worse chance of earning your business because we show price. We actually feel that shedding some light on this confusing process of restoration or remodel will help make decisions easier.

It is too hard to give an exact price because every project will be different, and each customer will have different tastes and wants or desires. In this blog post we want to accomplish two things. 1. Give the consumer some basic idea of price for general restoration or remodel projects. 2. Show our competitors and the public that sharing information willingly and honestly will only help both parties make good decisions.

The best we can do is give general ballparks based on type of restoration or remodel projects. Before we do that let us explain what restoration and remodel mean. A restoration project is repairs to a home or building after some sort of disaster, usually water damage or fire damage. This type of repair project would typically be an insurance related project. A remodel is a planned repair that homeowners or business owners have been planning and saving for to spruce up their home or business.

In this post we are going to focus on home restoration and home remodels, we can touch a bit more on commercial or businesses in follow up articles. Below you will see a very general outline of potential costs. Keep in mind that these will vary again by location, tax jurisdictions and grade of materials or fixtures.

Standard bathroom restoration/remodel: Including simple LVP, new vanity(s), new toilet(s), new fixtures, new base trim and casing, painting and clean up.

Average price: $9,500 – $14,500

Standard kitchen restoration/remodel: Including simple LVP, new countertops (Solid surface) new appliances, new fixtures, new base trim, toe kicks, painting and clean up.

Average price: $20,000 – $30,000

We will continue to add new articles that will help shed light on pricing. We are also available for consultations and questions. We offer free scopes, free estimates and are never afraid to share information that can assist consumers to make good decisions.

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