How can I be sure that the work and materials will be high quality?

On any construction project the quality of work and materials is selected before work begins. If this is not done between you and your contractor, that is a red flag. In the very beginning of the process to start a renovation or remodel, there should be an agreed scope and price. The scope and price will include all materials, installation labor, disposal charges and the profit margin for the construction company.

Once the scope is agreed and a contract is signed; you and the team should work to make selections together so you know you are getting a good quality material that is within the available budget for repairs. In some cases, a homeowner may choose to upgrade beyond what was originally scoped; this allows them to get any material at any cost they may choose.

The quality of work is a different topic all together. This will depend on the contractor and either their in-house teams skill and proficiency, or the sub network that they employ and trust to provide great service to their clients. In both cases you could ask them for before and after’s or testimonials. Even then someone who has provided great work before could have an off day and provide less than their standard to you. This requires communication and a good relationship with your contractor.

If the quality seems less than desirable any contractor worth their salt will remedy this and make sure that the final product is to your complete satisfaction. The theme of this post really is all about clear communication and team work to select the best materials within your budget and for the contractor to utilize the best labor to install for a high quality result.

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